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With a full time staff, Nylund Realty LLC has been selling real estate in Cumberland Country, NJ for over 50 years. We also offer expert services for new construction from stick built to engineered housing, and offer complete packages which include land as well.


History is where we get our reputation, but continued education of our team is why we have a future. On a monthly basis we review NJ State Real Estate Regulations and computer science as well as mortgage trends. Our staff only includes those who were near the top of their classes during Lic. NJ Real Estate School. Our Brokers have a minimum of 15 years of experience, with our Realtors ranging from 2-10 years individually.


Our team works with a full time marketing specialist, communicating with each other constantly via cell phone or email to achieve a system that works for the client. Every member of our team has a home office in order to jump on a deal at a moment's notice, update MLS listings, or communicate with buyers after hours. We all offer assistance to any client who calls, as well, because "contact your agent" is not an excuse for poor customer service!


We offer consistency in our sales approach, keeping your listing hot and finding a buyer as quickly as possible without compromising your asking price. We also assist you with a lending agent when needed, using companies we have done deals with for over 15 years, including personal business.  Contract negotiations are something many agents don't navigate, submitting and accepting bids without any real sense of representation. Nylund is proud to stand by your side from listing to settlement, and we do our best to act as your right hand during the sales process. We even have a program available to purchase your home from you in the event it does not sell while you are buying or building your new home. Call for an appointment to discuss all the possibilities today.


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Buyer Services

Buying a home?  Here are seven (7) questions you should ask your Realtor.

Question #1: How Long Have You Been Practicing Real Estate?            Nylund Realty, llc has been selling real Estate in Cumberland County for over 50 years.  Nylund Realty, llc has over 50 years experience in new construction from stick built to engineered housing offering complete packages including land.

Question #2: What Qualifications Do You Have To Sell Real Estate?

            Nylund Realty, llc is committed to continuing education of our staff. Weekly seminars are mandated for all staff. Education continues with computer science, mortgage and NJ State Real Estate regulation on a monthly bases. All our staff has completed Lic. NJ Real Estate School training at or near the top of their class. Our Brokers have over 15 years min. experience in real estate. With our agents ranging from 2-10 years individually.  

Question #3: Tell Me About Your Real Estate Operation?

            Nylund Realty, LLC has a full-time office assistant, marketing specialist, where other offices employ unlicensed people to these jobs we employ NJ Real Estate Lic. Our office includes: four in house computers, each agent carries a cell phone, 4 direct office phone lines,   To the untrained person, this looks like a lot of overhead.  But  every person and system pays off dividends in satisfied clients. 

Each member of Nylund Realty, llc has his own home office complete with computer systems and up to date MLS system. Nylund Realty, llc is a small office in a big Real Estate pond. We offer one thing the big offices cannot, personal service. A call to our office by a interested Buyer is immediately tended to. Everyone makes appointments for all of Clients. There is no you have to contact the realtor. Appointments are immediately confirmed with the seller.

Direct contact with YOUR agent. Each agent has a cell phone number where you can contact you agent with any question or concerns.         

 Question #4: Do You Have A Formal And Written Marketing Plan For Selling Homes?

            This question applies more to sellers than buyers, but both should ask.  Most agent?s marketing plan just hold open houses, entering your home on MLS, and run classified ads.

            The key to selling a home is CONSISTENCY.  Your home must be consistently marketed to those people capable of buying.  This can be accomplished with Nylund Realty?s  diversified arsenal of daily marketing your property. Including internet websites, mail outs, neighborhood canvassing adding your home to our showcase of homes for our private investors.

Question #5: What Systems Do You Have For Tracking The Home Market (buyers)/ or Tracking My Home Listing (sellers) On A Regular Basis?

            This is a very important question.  If you're a buyer, you want to know their competence in understanding values of certain areas.  Nylund Realty, llc has the  systems to keep you continually up to date with opportunities in the market. More than ?access to Multiple Listing Service.?  We also work in a network of Broker Price Opinion systems. That actually preview homes in your price range and desired area for mortgage appraisal and/or foreclosure services. This provides our agents with daily not weekly trends and sold pricing in the southern New Jersey area.If you're a seller, you want to price your home correctly, and be regularly updated with important buyer activity.  Nylund Realty, LLC informs you on a monthly bases: of how many calls you get , number of home visits from other agents, and what were their comments

            Question #6:  Can You Refer Me To A Reputable Mortgage Lender, Banker, Appraiser, or real estate Lawyer?

              At some point in the buying or selling process, you will need the services of  a reputable, competent lender, appraiser, title company, etc. Has your agent Nylund Realty, LLc is able to give you a few names of each right on the spot. These are companies we have done business with for over 15 years min. and even deal with for our personal real estate.

 Question #7:  Will You Personally Handle Contract Negotiations For Use?       Surprisingly, many agents simply submit or receive offers, and act as a conduit between you and the buyer (or seller).  That?s not good enough. Our agent?s stand with throughout the process. For a Seller Nylund Realty,llc stands with you from Listing to Settlement. You agent will negotiate in your interest ONLY. Sometimes the higher price is not the best offer. Your Agent is knowledgeable in mortgage types and the requirements necessary to bring them to settlement.  Our Professional staff  will provide all the necessary contract, survey, permits, inspection along with coordinate the Buyer?s access to you property.  You want an agent who?s committed to your interests and that is what Nylund Realty,llc stands for.. 


There Are Real Estate Agents

And Then There Are Full Time Committed Professionals.

Which One Do YOU Want Representing Your Interests


The answers to the above questions should give you a good feel for the commitment and competency of the Nylund Realty, LLC.  Remember, all Realtors are not the same!


            Buying and selling real estate can be tricky business.  And selecting the wrong Realtor can cost you a lot of money, headaches, and wasted time.

?     NYLUND REALTY  can reduce your time to sell your existing home, or locate a great home at the right price

?       NYLUND REALTY can help refer you to competent real estate services: Special loan packages, title and escrow services, appraisers, and more

?     make your sale or purchase problem FREE!





?   BUT HAVE ONE TO SELL?  Nylund Realty is offering a unique "TRADE IN'PROGRAM? which offers you the security of knowing yourhome will be purchased by us should we not sell prior to our completing your new home. Call for a appointment to review our new construction home plans or bring your custom designs and ideas to us.  We canbuild on your own lot or help find the perfect lot.




Seller Services



Selling your home? Your decision to place your home for sale involves more than simply running an ad, holding a few open houses, and waiting for the sales proceeds check.    

Here's why you should consider OUR services to market your home:


?      NYLUND REALTY. LLC been in real estate forove  45 years, and sold over $135 million of homes.  We are intimately familiar with all seven of New Jerseys lower counties, and specialize in selling homes in these areas.


?      NYLUND REALTY, LLC is a full-time Realtor.  Well educated WITH a complete resume for your review, and make it a priority to educate YOU on every aspect of your transaction.


?      NYLUND REALTY, LLC have a list of references, past clients, and professional associations whom you can call at any time to discuss the quality of service I have provided to other people just like YOU.


?      NYLUND REALTY, LLC have developed an EXCLUSIVE  marketing plan that is unequalled by anyone in the business. we do this because our dedication to selling your home is also unsurpassed.  There's no other way we can live up to that expectation without extraordinary marketing capabilities.


?      NYLUND REALTY, LLC have specifically designed marketing tracking systems for every home SOLD.  Also have specific update systems so you are fully aware of ALL activity and progress updates on your home on a weekly basis.  You will NEVER feel out of touch with US!


 ?      NYLUND REALTY, LLC guarantee everything WE do!  If you're not happy with US, you CAN fire US.  This places the burden of risk to perform on US, not you.


?      NYLUND REALTY, LLC have references for reliable title companies, escrow companies, financing sources many agents are clueless about, insurance companies, inspectors, attorneys, and others directly relating to your transaction.  If you choose to use any of them, you won't be dealing with arbitrary people.  These are professionals WE have used personally in other transactions.


?      NYLUND REALTY, LLC schedule showings around your schedule, and to respect your personal and family time.  This requires special planning and forethought most agents do not consider.


?      Each day, NYLUND REALTY, LLC speak with over 60 people directly related to real estate buying or selling.  This allows US to create a communication link of properties to people.


?      Most Importantly: WE generate over 50% of my clients through referrals alone.  WE do very little traditional marketing.  Instead, WE focus 110% of OUR efforts into providing such outstanding service, OUR clients are inclined to refer OUR services to family, friends and acquaintances. 



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