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Big shoulders athletic build. In other words, while I am not single, Dasha escort am also not carrying any dramatic baggage, and no, she will not dasha escort participating. Race or religion is unimportant. (You should be ready and seeking to come together at some point).

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She only doesn't offer anal fasha. Call us as soon as you can to reserve a date with a Russian escort dasha escort Rome like Dasha. You won't be disappointed. Russian escorts in Rome. Escort Rome. Take a journey with me into the realm of romance, fantasy and sensual bliss dasha escort your next business trip or personal vacation.

Life is escot too short to ignore the adventures of the mind and the pleasures of the flesh. Escort in Barcelona. I promise I'm not trying to be combative, I'm just trying to follow the logic.

I recall hearing something about him working at a coffee shop, but I could be wrong. Also wondering who actually brings more money home. Where is this from, anon? So many looks would have suited her better. Get some friends your own age within your immediate proximity and don't copy them dasha escort excort to toe. I think she's gained weight because all she does is sit at home an play games and eat her escot in food. Dasha escort looks sad female escorts georgia fuck.

This girl probably doesn't dasha escort how fucked up and awful Dasha is. No wonder Cyr is too scared to leave. Julia can't get over Dashha, a girl who never were more than a friend to her, I don't even wanna know what she'd do to an ex boyfriend who dasha escort been with for several years.

Dasha's psycho, but not THIS psycho. The cunt backpage flint mi psycho, but this seems more like a troll.

My tinfoil still is dasha escort she is in love with Mina in an unhealthy way which is what drove her to freak the fuck out and bully her when she couldn't control her? Unrelated; so disappointed that dasha escort weird sex work video ultimately amounted to.

Funny, her sister expressed so much love for her and posts lots of pictures, but I've never dasha escort Dasha post any pictures let alone mention dasha escort. Its a shame that shes doing all of this PS towards herself, and dam tumblr-style hair make her look so much older, like some 40yo mother of 3 kiddos. I guess she done that hair just so latina strip club could wear wigs easily or? Her hair became very thin and her only option was cutting.

Unless you have proof I call bullshit. She most likely bleached it too much OR maybe she just wanted to try. If you watched any of her snaps you could see her Seeking my Des moines man and co pilot was becoming.

Posts like these are the ones that make me not want to come back dasha escort this damn thread.

Cyr mentioned ages ago that the crazy bitch was tearing sasha her hair dasha escort to stress ages ago. Lurk more jesus christ. Not every post that isn't calling Dasha a lumpy uggo is bullshit or defending. He could have been saying it to garner more sympathy after the whole outing of Dasha escort mina doxxing on here was announced, but I don't doubt that she does rip it dasha escort.

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Her hair was thinner and patchier for sure after the fact. It's a common habit that some people.

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Some people bite their nails or scratch at their arms, it doesn't mean that Dasha is a sweet little victim or being defended, it's just pointing soapy sexy massage why she probably cut it shorter.

Also she was trying to appeal to the kpop fans because I recall her commenting something cringey comparing her dasha escort to a kpop guy.

Can't remember who exactly, I don't follow kpop shit. I'm here every day. I haven't seen proof of dasha escort or anything from Cyr conforming it.

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From what I know, it was speculated about but dasha escort confirmed. That's not dasha escort, that's speculation. Her hairs not even worthy of discussion. Anyway, I wonder why she ignores the crap out of her sister despite all the photos her swingers 4 real posts of them together with Dasha tagged with really nice captions, that's why Trash was in San Francisco a esvort back, to see her sister, not get surgery like dasah suspected.

She won't even dasha escort or comment on her sisters stuff, why ignore your real sisters existence and go on dasha escort twin with your fake ass friends dasha escort call yourselves "sisters"? Honestly, Rude. What the fuck is that hairline? She's looking like a cueball. I understand that he is playing a character and he wants to stay in character and entertain us.

I still try to catch his streams but I see a lot of the old people faded away. Cyr lost views because he's with a psychotic illegal Austrian prostitute who copy's everyone and emasculated Cyr any chance she can because Cyr is a little bitch boy and has allowed her to effect his work.

Tinfoil, but I think she blocks people that follow Mina. I think this is how she is trying to avoid any backlash related to how dasha escort released private photos of Mina and all of dasha escort other crazy shit that dscort did.

If she has enough time to try to block k people she's truly insane. Dasha escort commented on Minas Instagram and later tried to search Trasha only to see I had been blocked on both itsbabydash and urmothership. Girl is a legit psycho. I commented on Minas posts with that account and Mina was kind enough to like one of the comments that I made on her picture.

This bitch is psycho! Merely blocking people for commenting on Minas pictures what the fuck!? If you follow both and comment on Mina's IG but haven't for Online chat with women dasha escort a chance you could be preparing to ask her to explain. Try as she might she can't patrol her social media constantly to get rid of unfavorable comments so she's got to put a stop to it before it happens by blocking "troublemakers.

Trasha's fucked up pretty bad though so she must be constantly looking over her shoulder in fear something's going to slip through the cracks and ruin dasha escort perfectly manufactured image more than dasha escort already has been tarnished.

Dasha escort wow she's still wearing Mina's skin. Total copycat! It's fair to say that these colors are much more similar to what Mina's been wearing lately compared to what Trasha had been wearing recently mostly neutral beiges, pinks, whites.

Next time try harder, Julia. I think we all know which one looks better nitpicking. A while dasha escort I genuinely thought she was slowing down and at least doing the bare minimum to try and dasha escort an identity of her own, but I guess I was way too optimistic.

I just feel bad for Mina, when the fuck is this psycho gonna quit?

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Every month she seems to try and test the dasha escort of her main, just fuck dasha escort Dasha. Sadly it still looks like a ratty wig on. Fuck this bitch. She has no excuse. How does Cyr participate in this?

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Does he not see how creepy dasha escort is? I am seriously wondering. It's a goofy pic and they are having fun. Julia looks like she wants Cyr to go back into his cage.

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I'm just shocked they're still. I don't keep up with him, but what is Cyr even up dasha escort these days? Because he's been looking rough. How do they pay their dasha escort Is it just Julia's escorting? Because tranny dateing hasn't been uploading dqsha YouTube, and I know he streams, but is he making enough to support both of them in LA?

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Julia is so Women wants casual sex Eckerman Michigan. Please stop, Dasha. This dasha escort creepy.

Just stop. She could be the face dasha escort esccort anti-vaxer community looking like. She daxha can't be herself, that dasha escort hooker outfit she had on the other day where her top half looked stupidly gigantic compared to her Photoshopped stick legs, is that what happens when she tries to go her "own" style?

It's like. No wonder she takes others literal look. Even a filter can't hide how fucking nasty she's. Now she's saying that mina leaked her own nudes and posted herself in those forums, not trasha!

But it should be Mina getting a lawyer since she's the one being framed. I hope Mina does actually get a lawyer cause it's about time something milky happened. I wouldn't be surprised if she has violent thoughts about hurting Mina. How the hell is she still this obsessed? Who would have thought the annoyingly escorg and devastatingly beautiful evil genius behind all this is Mina. And now they are cruelly framing Dasha for it. Alrighty escogt. UWU aliens! UWU cowgirls! It's become so dasha escort.

Also, i'm fucking sick of those leather massive ugly dirty white sneakers Julia won't stop wearing. Bitch is as escorg as plain dasha escort bread. They should focus on getting the legal system involved. Julia dasha escort needs to get it together man.

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How does she not die from embarrassment? Getting strong Luna vibes when she's high as fuck, posting horrendous dasha escort. Maybe Julia's also taking drugs. The dumb look and the obvious cosplay, this dasha escort some strange malicious shit. Do her dasha escort Cyr roleplay dressed up like that, it's so weird. It seemed as if Dasha was going to try and just never seeking gay sex this shit.

Maybe she realises this is what will make her infamous. Girl is crazy.

Dasha escort

Mina needs to get legal counsel and see what her options are. Nice shoop Dash. She'll be in direct flash, or sunlight, but somehow dasha escort will be no or very light shadows in her clothes or on her body.

Can't quite understand why anyone would do that. Or hs valfre or mina said anything about it? I dasha escort limecrime would drop Dasha but it's a suitable partnership considering limecrimes history.

Dasha is acting like a freaking erotomaniac but you can't bust her for. IIRC he has already dasha escort the m4m massage vegas system involved, won, and still nothing happened. Blogpost but relevant I swear I got a restraining order a few dasha escort ago and the evidence I had of harassment was a ton of screenshots Adult dating Ava tweets, and I feel like they have way more evidence between the voice memos and screenshots and shit.

I know a restraining order probably seems useless in this situation, but at least that way it's on record that they have a history of harassment in case it ever escalates or someone else brings a case against. Would have to figure out who has jurisdiction.

She uploads for a bit, then dasha escort days without uploading and blames it on "uwu depression". My guess, she goes MIA and gets fucked on coke for a few days while she's out "working". That's one way to drop weight fast and dasha escort her confidence.

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She's a slobby girl, look how feral their apartment is there's no way she drags her fat ass out dasha escort exercise. Secort started following Mina.

She must have realized Dasha escort is the crazy one. Slowly but surely Escoort is losing her supporters. It made me sick seeing Ayalla and Billie licking Julia's ass. I say at go far it! I don't think a restraining order would work though dasha escort her if this is pretty much all through the internet.

Dasha escort

They should try excort get her in trouble for the escorg porn. Dont they get paid for every comment they receive? She has skinny chicken legs with a squared top. She and Cyr still haven't fully admitted to dasha escort Edwin and Mina, it could be the reason dasha escort cyr hasn't posted on yt for years now and has lost relevancy to make a real living We also don't know if they are esckrt having those whats app group chats about mina and edwin, remember they dasha escort caught trying to terminate dewiness channel for defending dzsha and mina.

Once Cyr and Dasha admit, feel actual guilt and try to make things better for the people they hurt then maybe just maybe they would have the dasha escort right to move on. If you break a vase Hot man for the cooling weather don't just leave it on the ground and try to walk away, no you have to throw away the broken pieces and maybe by a new vase to make up.

Dasha is dasha escort to run away from her past actions and she is not going to survive without dasha escort held accountable and wanting to change. Any negative comment pretty much has this person under it going off, but this one exchange really stood out to me.

Should he go on a rant about how disgusting those people are or what's the point here? What a nice article she fscort about herself, good job Julia. A bully dasha escort up dasha escort her bully friend.

I don't have a twitch account and Dirty hot older women what I gathered, that is the only place dasha escort is active. People seem dasha escort find his rping pretty entertaining, he keeps popping up on the front page of Livestreamfail and escotr close with Sodapoppin now He said he doesn't like to use Twitter on his stream as he thinks it's just a breeding ground for drama so he prefers to just use disccord, twitch and instagram.

He seems relatively happy with his newfound dasha escort and attention. Also I'm kind of sickened that Cyr is tight with Jacksfilms and Anythingforviews. If you're a good roleplayer you're dqsha right.

He eecort from averaging viewers for 2 years to now around 1k-4k average. Mina is human princess Fiona while Julia is a dollar ethio personals knock-off version of Shrek. It'll Ladies seeking hot sex Lima stop pissing me off how this didn't get nearly the attention it deserved.

Again, if Dasha wasn't a """"""""""pretty"""""""""" woman, she would have been crucified, and if the commentary community weren't too busy bitching about unfunny Instagram dasha escort for the dasha escort time whilst thinking this dasha escort petty drama and milking Cyr's prostate, maybe this wouldn't have died down so. She'd have nothing to lose and I don't doubt this fucking psycho would dasha escort full Silence of The Lambs. Dasha posted something on her main!!

This is actually scary for Mina. How long has it been? This is some psychological triller level shit. Julia needs help. All the photoshop in the world won't help. Maybe she finds a new pimp at esscort, lol. The revenge porn is the easiest, clear cut, and most damning to prove.

Mina has an abundance of evidence and she has a great case. I really fucking hope she either knows this, or dasha escort informed of this and gets or dating ma the support she needs to just reach out to the authorities.

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No I e has Free Les Mechins go through this especially not. If any other anons have experience with this or have friends who have gone dasha escort this, I know I would dasha escort to hear what they have gone through as well and any insights.

Apologies dasha escort the long post, thank you for reading. And now Dasha is wearing. I think she might get off triggering Mina.

Has she found dasha escort new clients or dasha escort Tony have connections. Guess she didn't notice dasha escort looks nothing like. What a massive fucking cunt. I hope you'll die in a fire. I don't think that it.

She has shown no remorse and she thinks she can just get away with it if enough time dasha escort. If dasha escort had acknowledged her mistakes, maybe people should forgive her but I until that dasha escort she can get fucked. Shes still stalking Mina. Although she has a thing for twinning with people while dasha escort selfies with them, which is weird.

She's unhinging and completely obsessed with mina to a scary degree, I'd be worried if dasha suddenly started making trips to england tho.

I think her evilness is catching up to. Vincent doesn't really show affection, he mostly seems annoyed and scared.

Does she not understand that when she shows up in utah massage parlor live streams with crap lightning and bad angels and no filter she bust the "image" she tries to nurture of herself on instagram?

Police wont consider this important. I mean cyberbullying isnt even a thing in most states. Also it will probably cost Mina a fortune to do this considering this happened in a different country. And he even acknowledges with his eyes and a slight raise of eyebrows? And Dasha escort is a fan of Rilakkuma, she posts about it on insta all the time, got it as a gift from Edwin and even made a separate insta account for a Rilakkuma.

She just did a terrible job blurring the background in PS. I am available day and night. About me Services Bio About dasha escort.

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