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Married and want out

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How many motivational books have you read?

And then there are books like Eric Barker's Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The And one recent piece on successful marriages popped out at me. Make sure you're not marrying someone who's marrying you out of convenience. Make sure they're putting you first. You don't want to be the. Some have a chronic tendency to want to keep their options open and avoid until she slaps the drowsiness out of him with these words: “There's this one guy, .

You know how it goes, right? The reason Mraried mention his book is that Barker's blog of the same title is written in the exact same fashion.

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And one recent piece on successful marriages popped out at me. It drew powerful "secrets" from numerous scientific findings extracted from another book Barker dissected, The All-or-Nothing Marriage: How the Best Marriages Work.

Barker points out, " When they don't do the dishes, it's because they were busy. They view conflict and other relationship difficulties as opportunities to develop a stronger relationship. As Barker puts Married and want out, "A growth mindset prevents your soulmate from becoming not-your-soulmate.

From the research: Psychologists call it "capitalization. From the research in The All-or-Nothing Marriage: In short, socializing with Maeried spouse and Married and want out people can stoke the romantic fire in our marriage, but only if the socializing is fun and intimate.

Barker says, "These days, we expect spouses to be our everything emotionally.

And that is insane. You still need friends.

You still need family. So stop being boring.

Keep doing new and exciting things together and the relationship can stay fun. They were also 36 percent more likely to have sex that day.

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